Desserts & Baked Goods

Desserts and baked goods look best under clear, tight-fitting lids. This way, consumers can see how good your food looks, and know they'll be getting the freshness they expect. With containers from Sabert, you'll get the perfect complement to every meal.

FastPac™: For Desserts And Baked Goods To Go

fastpac_dessertsTo-go packaging for desserts and baked goods is generally an afterthought. Yet FastPac™ is the solution for a consistent look for all menu items... including the sweet stuff.

Sabert's FastPac™ containers come in a variety of sizes, suitable for a wide range of single-serve desserts... from brownies, to pie slices to cheesecake.

Leak-resistant, pop-tight lids minimize spills, both on the shelf and at the table. And, for items that need to be heated, FastPac™ containers are microwavable, and consumers can eat right out of the package without having to deal with a hinged lid.



Sabert Platters and Lids: Serving Style and Durability

platters_dessertsSabert's platters and lids are ideal for serving desserts to a group. Our platters come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes... all ideal for catering to those sweet tooths. Plus, Sabert lids are offered in both high- and low-dome styles, fitting any type of dessert you're serving.

For a sleek, contemporary alternative, Mozaïk® platters and lids offer stylish design that's ideal for heavy-duty use. All Sabert platters are crack- and crush-resistant as well as stackable. And unlike most catering packaging, our lids are made of PETE, offering you the most clarity without breaking.